Mauricio Garrido
Chilean, born 1974
Selected exhibitions
Galeria Isabel Croxatto at Art Central 2015,
Isabel Croxatto Galería
Galeria Isabel Croxatto at Sydney Contemporary 2015,
Isabel Croxatto Galería
FESTIN DE ARTE at Isabel Croxatto Galería,
Isabel Croxatto Galería

Citing the allegorical works of Hieronymus Bosch and Maxfield Parrish as influences, Mauricio Garrido creates surreal collages that require careful looking. The artist, based in Santiago, Chile, began by making sculptures out of found materials before arriving at collage as his primary form of visual expression. Though his works' source material is realistically rendered—some appears to have been taken from textbooks, diagrams, or other educational materials—the scenes they depict are conceptually illogical. For example, in Pacifico (2012) a woman in an Italian Renaissance gown appears to converse with a parrot perched on a table; a turkey vulture, four times her size, stands behind her, while a large moth blends into the folds of her skirt. Such compositions obscure linear narratives while suggesting absurd relationships and possibilities.