Mauro Bonacina
Italian, born 1977

With absurdity, wit, and elegance, Mauro Bonacina produces works that walk the line between chance and control, concept and object, kitsch and high art. Through his performances, videos, installations, sculptures, paintings, and sound pieces, Bonacina investigates art making, the role of the artist, and art historical precedent. For many of his works, he performs an action to effect change on an object, which he then presents as the finished piece. He has created paintings by popping acrylic-filled balloons on blank canvases, thrown a television set through a glass window to create a surprisingly beautiful installation, and made a sculpture of his footprint in self-hardening clay by standing upon it as he smoked a cigarette. For Bonacina, art “is a representation of an idea which does not necessarily have to be an object.”

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