Max Ferguson
American, born 1959
Selected exhibitions
50 Years a Dealer: George Henoch Shechtman,
Gallery Henoch
Them Pretty Paintings,
Gallery Henoch
Holiday Group Show,
Gallery Henoch

New York City-born realist painter Max Ferguson focuses on the people, places, and urban scenes of his hometown. Inspired by Edward Hopper, 17th-century Dutch genre painting, and the Old Masters, he produces studied paintings in oil or watercolor on canvas or wooden panel, which take two-to-four months to complete. “My preference is to work from life,” he writes. “Unfortunately, with most of my subject matter, that is somewhere between impractical and impossible. I generally make photographic studies which I then use as reference material in my studio.” Equally interested in the iconic and the overlooked, he has immortalized Katz’s Delicatessen and Central Park, as well as shoe repair shops and subway platforms. Ferguson has also created portraits of his father, who he began painting in 1982 and continues to honor through his art years after his death.

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