Max Frisinger
German, born 1980
Selected exhibitions
Galerie Gisela Clement at Art Cologne 2018,
Galerie Gisela Clement
Gallery Baton at Art Brussels 2017,
Gallery Baton
carte blanche,
Galerie Gisela Clement

Drawing on the practices of Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Cornell, Max Frisinger uses found objects as the raw material for his intricate sculptures. Describing his process, he states: “Inveni, vidi, vici” (I found, I saw, I conquered). Frisinger collects things like table legs, handsaws, and plastic tubs, and places them into glass vitrines in arrangements that seem at once chaotic and choreographed. Like the varied materials, the titles of Frisinger’s works—such as Rising (Yoko Ono) (2010)—encourage active association as viewers seek meaning in the juxtapositions he creates.