Max Neumann
German, born 1949
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Bruce Silverstein Gallery at The Armory Show 2017,
Bruce Silverstein Gallery
Galerie Boisseree at Art Cologne 2016,
Galerie Boisseree
Generationen Zwanzig Deutsche Jahre,
Kunsthalle Brennabor

Max Neumann turns the human figure into an abstract symbol, reducing his compositions to their pure essence. His faceless heads and bodies constitute a leitmotif of the artist’s work, a subject that carries tremendous weight despite their spare detail and placement in a rootless space. He draws from memory – dreamlike fragmented recollections reduced to the outline, shape and shadows of the originals. Neumann has constructed a visual vocabulary born from innumerable sources, including picture magazines, newspapers, and other media. He works primarily with black, but splashes of color sometimes make their appearance into his paintings and drawings, suggesting a deeper meaning. The artist leaves the viewer to fill in the gaps and construct imaginary narratives, as his compositions exist outside of time and space. With their bareness, Neumann’s paintings possess an emotive power that is …

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