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Maximilian Wiedemann was born in 1977 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. After working in advertising for ten years he was left with the knowledge that art is a powerful and relevant medium with which to communicate to a modern world. Wiedemann carefully researched and created a special technique that allows him to combine graffiti-style art with the glossy images of corporate brands and popular culture on a traditional canvas. As an artist, he is known for subverting culturally iconic images by slyly and provocatively revealing truths belied by popular marketing and advertising. Max states, “I love to combine street context with fashion and luxury, I always felt that was a powerful combination as the rawness of street art and hip hop creates an edge in the high-end fashion world and luxury market.” Maximilian believes he, in turn, is reversing the Warholian principle of taking everyday objects and turning them into art by, instead, taking art and placing it in advertising; and by this, he is hopefully shaping the future of how we view popular culture. The artist lives and works in London and Miami.

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