Meredyth Sparks
American, born 1972
Limited Box Edition,
University of Tennessee School of Art
Sur le dandysme aujourd'hui: From Shop Window Mannequin to Media Star,
Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea

Meredyth Sparks is known for cutting and removing material from objects or appropriated images to emphasize spacial relationships. “Extraction”, as she calls the process, is a reflection on the political and visual relevance of images from a full range of origins, from subcultures and historical movements to the discourse surrounding labor and gender. The latter take center stage in a series of works commenting on early-20th-century events like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, which, to Sparks, “signifies the emergence of the modern woman into the public realm.” Her glitter and aluminum foil-bedecked fusions of painting, collage, photomontage, and various other materials evoke textiles, knitting, and hand-woven fabrics.

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