Michael Dopp
American, born 1978
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Shining Desert,
Roberts Projects
Michael Dopp: Capriccio,
Roberts Projects
Michael Dopp: Various Positions,
Roberts Projects

Working mainly in acrylic on canvas or fabric, Michael Dopp paints grid-like formations and abstract, geometric forms in space, probing the tension between positive and negative, space and void. Primarily working in black and white, Dopp occasionally includes highlights like green lines or pink-tinged circles. His spare visual language is the product of both planned designs and the artist’s embrace of the accidental: Dopp works on premeditated works and spontaneous sketches simultaneously. Indebted to the aesthetics of early abstract cinema, Dopp has described his work as “A daydream of modernism. An agnostic modernism.”