Michael Geertsen
Danish, born 1966
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Michael Geertsen and John Souter: Spring Dance,
Jason Jacques Gallery
Michael Geertsen: Still Life, Still Lives,
Jason Jacques Gallery
Michael Geertsen: We Come in Peace,
Jason Jacques Gallery

In reference to historical epochs of art, design, and culture, Danish-born ceramist Michael Geertsen creates works that function as contemporary statements. During formal study at the Danish School of Design in Copenhagen in the late 1980s, Geertsen also apprenticed for a ceramist; it was within these years that he developed an extensive understanding of sculptural forms and traditional, wheel-based pottery practice. In Geertsen’s early work, basic geometric forms were thrown to his pottery wheel, producing sliced, rearranged, and staggered vessels, which were unified by a monochromatic glaze. Geertsen has also experimented with organic shapes and various patterned surfaces (from camouflage and animal skin to mirrored platinum) and expanded his oeuvre to wall hangings and architectural spaces. Despite the variations and modifications, Geertsen’s assemblages maintain a consistent …

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