Michael Loew
American, 1907-1985
Selected exhibitions
Savage Nature: The Importance of Place in Early American Modernism,
Quidley & Company
Online Exhibition: MICHAEL LOEW WORKS ON PAPER 1940-1973,
Acme Fine Art
Summer Salon 2015,
Acme Fine Art

Though the painter Michael Loew is today best known for his colorful and gestural Abstract Expressionist paintings, his style culminated from a multitude of influences. Loew first trained in a stained-glass workshop and with the Ashcan School, and produced figural murals with his like-minded friend Willem de Kooning as part of the WPA initiatives. During his time spent in the tutelage of Hans Hofmann, Loew turned his interest towards abstraction, and his works became influenced by both Post-Cubism and Neo-Plasticism. His radical experiments with color and geometry came to define his mature style. Loew was also passionate about artists’ rights and activism, and led a number of demonstrations. He was part of the Spiral Group, an artist organization devoted to exhibiting experimental art.