Michael Riedel
German, born 1972
Selected exhibitions
Michel Rein Paris/Brussels at Art Brussels 2018,
Michel Rein Paris/Brussels
Wo ist hier? #1: Malerei und Gegenwart,
Kunstverein Reutlingen
Michael Riedel,
Gabriele Senn Galerie

Michael Riedel’s conceptual works engage participants in explorations of art, viewership, and technology using the technique of replication or re-creation. In a work titled Filmed Film (2008), Riedel videotaped over 40 hours (the length of time that a camera battery would last or for the duration of the videotape) of audiences watching film screenings. Riedel exhibited this work alongside Filmed Film Trailer (2008), in which he condensed Filmed Film into an eight-minute video. Riedel has also re-staged concerts, club nights, and readings. For Neo (2005), he recreated a previous Neo Rauch exhibition with black-and-white photos of Rauch’s work arranged on panels in the exact same formation. Riedel has been called “the original copycat.”