Michel Boyer
French, born 1935
Selected exhibitions
made in France,
Demisch Danant
Selected Works,
Demisch Danant
New Acquisitions,
Demisch Danant

Michel Boyer is renowned for his ability to incorporate decorative and design elements into preexisting architectural spaces. His best-known works are the interiors of the Rothschild Bank in Paris (1970) and the French Embassy in Washington, D.C. (1975). For these projects, he incorporated stainless steel desks, counters, and seating to convey the power of the institutions. Boyer also embraces elegant, curvilinear details and rounded edges, as exemplified by Dining Chair (1968), Credenza (Rothschild Bank Commission) (1969), and Desk (1970). His designs emanate the inviting comfort of objects made for people, rather than buildings. In this way, Boyer’s style shares affinities with the organic, welcoming qualities of works by designers such as Ado Chale and Marc Berthier.