Michele di Menna
Canadian, born 1980

Michele Di Menna’s circular artistic practice centers on ideas of ephemerality and fluidity, incorporating elements of performance, collage, sculpture, video, sound, text, and installation. Repurposing is a central technique of her practice: bricks from an installation become instruments in a sound piece, a collage becomes inspiration for a video, or a performance yields a papier-mâché sculpture. Di Menna’s performances are distinctly thematic and narrative-based, with an introduction, climax, and ending; though enigmatic, they represent the ultimate realization of her practice, linking her various creations and exploring their powers to mutually inform. For These Eels Are Electric (2006), one of her better-known pieces, she donned a lycra costume and performed a ritualistic-seeming dance in an gallery installation of her own creation.

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