Mikhail Baryshnikov
Russian, born 1948
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Dance This Way,
Contini Art Gallery

World-renowned dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov is considered one of the greatest ballet dancers in history, but his work in photography is lesser known. He began taking photographs in the mid-1980s, using a 35-millimeter camera and black-and-white film, with which he would capture his friends, family, and scenes from his extensive travels. In 2006, he went digital, and turned his lens on dancers. Working in color, he was interested in capturing movement and recording both the physicality, and the emotional and intellectual essence, of the unfolding choreography. As he explains, “In order to achieve that effect of movement, I kind of…dance with [my] camera in front of the dancers.” Baryshnikov’s resultant photographs, including of the acclaimed Merce Cunningham Dance Company, show the dancers as lush blurs of color in the fleeting fullness of form.