Milo Baughman
American, 1923-2003
Selected exhibitions
April Additions,
Open Air Modern
June Additions,
Open Air Modern
Emily Summers Design Associates at Dallas Art Fair 2016,
Emily Summers Design Associates

Milo Baughman brought comfort and ease to the simplicity and functionality of modern furniture. “Furniture that is too obviously designed,” he once said, “is very interesting, but too often belongs only in museums.” He began designing very young—developing architectural plans for his family home at 13—and started his own, eponymously named company at the age of 24. Using materials popularized by Mies van Der Rohe and Marcel Breuer—like chrome, stainless, glass and leather—Baughman made furniture with clean lines and restrained, geometric forms. He also began using upholstery in innovative ways and imbued his furniture with a distinct, California style. Baughman worked with manufacturer Thayer Coggin from 1953 until the end of his life, and together they were committed to creating high-quality, inventive furniture that was unpretentious, accessible, and affordable.