Miltos Manetas

Greek, b. 1964


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Miltos Manetas was born in 1964 in Athens, but he attended the Accademia di Brera in Milan. Today he lives between Greece, Milan, Los Angeles and London, where he currently works.
In 2000, Miltos Manetas created an artistic movement called Neen, considered today the new avant-garde of XXI century, which gathers visual-artists, as well as software engineers, web designers, games animators and other professionals in the Technology sector. Manetas analyses the relationship between computer, video-games and humans, and he often portrays subjects being deeply occupied with those activities that consumer electronics have made possible, such as playing on the computer. However, he never shows the game used by them, nor the images standing in front of them, but he concentrates instead on the human-computer interface. Miltos Manetas’ work proceeds in two directions: on one hand the pure matter of his more “classic” works realized with oil painting, on the other Neen, the web and the virtual universe.

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