Mindy Shapero
American, born 1974

Forging work from literature, mythology, and personal narrative, Mindy Shapero has compared her sculptures to run-on sentences, giving them poetic titles such as Laughing like crazy white vision (2011) and Ghosthead guide that will bring you to the Ghosthead god, you can only visualize the guide when you have entered a Monsterhead, and you first have to be serene enough to be able to even see the Monsterheads before you can wear one (2006). Using media like tile, steel, foam, acrylic paint, and silver leaf, Shapero layers the materials gleefully and obsessively on top of each another. Seemingly free of cynicism, Shapero embraces a visionary tradition from the mysticism of William Blake, the supernatural, and Romanticism, to psychedelic shamanism.

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