Miriam Cabessa
Israeli, born 1966
Selected exhibitions
Vessels of Wisdom,
Jenn Singer Gallery
Hands On: Works from 2007-2014,
The Dryansky Gallery
Miriam Cabessa | an•thro•pom•e•try,
Jenn Singer Gallery

Moroccan-born Miriam Cabessa makes performative paintings with unconventional tools, her body included. As the artist explains, “the body is the first machine, and it is also the organism yearning for contact.” The paintings are made on the ground with Cabessa hovering over her canvas or paper; eschewing the use of paintbrushes, Cabessa uses her own hands, irons, squeegees, mops, and fabric to create a variety of abstract marks with rhythmic and repetitive motions. She is known for working in monochrome or with limited palettes—an aesthetic choice inspired by Agnes Martin. Other major artistic influences, whom she refers to as “artists as parents”, include Yves Klein and Jackson Pollock.