American, born 1965

Though it’s his music that made him a household name, Moby has been making art for just as long. His photojournalist uncle gave him a Nikon F when he was 10, and by 17 he had built a darkroom in his basement—though he didn’t exhibit his photography until a 2010 show at the Brooklyn Museum. Switching from film to digital photography, Moby has explored such subjects as the isolation of touring as a musician, the energy of crowds, and, in his series “Innocents,” an imagined world after the prophesied 2012 apocalypse, inhabited by a “cult of innocents.” In these eerie images, he leaves interpretation up to viewers. “I don’t like pedantic art. I don’t like art that draws a conclusion for the viewer,” he has said. “I like art that presents itself with a question attached to it.”

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