Mona Hatoum
British-Palestinian, born 1952
High auction record
$471k, Christie's, 2011
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Collected by major museums
Tate, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Selected exhibitions
Mona Hatoum,
Tate Modern
Mona Hatoum,
Centre Pompidou
Mona Hatoum,
ICA Boston

Mona Hatoum’s works explore themes of home and displacement through the perspective of the Palestinian exile, using common domestic objects that often, on closer inspection, reveal menacing qualities. Hatoum’s collection of sculptures and installations incorporates motifs of containment and violence, from steel cages and sandbag walls to barbed wire and grenades. Mobile Home (2005), an installation arranged between two steel barriers, features nondescript pieces of furniture and household items framed above and below by a pulley system. Complete with clothespins, the wires are strung between the tops of the barriers and along the floor and traverse the space, carrying such unexpected objects as a toy and a tiny birdcage. The result is an evocation of home that is both comforting and untenable, suggesting transience and vulnerability.

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