Mounir Fatmi
Moroccan , born 1970
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
mounir fatmi: Fragmented Memory,
Goodman Gallery
Mounir Fatmi: They were blind, they only saw images,
Yvon Lambert
Mounir Fatmi | History Is Not Mine,
Paradise Row

Working in video, installation, drawing, painting, and sculpture, Mounir Fatmi examines human vulnerability. He constructs visual environments (comprising such objects as saw blades, stereo speakers, construction hard hats, and flags) and plays with language in a way that questions preconceptions of politics and religion and unearths injustices buried by history. In his 2009 work The Machinery, 30 aggressive-looking industrial saw blades are inscribed with elaborately drawn Islamic poems relaying a peaceful message. Using current events as content for projects, Fatmi investigates the origins of contemporary issues and crises.