Nathlie Provosty
American, born 1981
Selected exhibitions
My Pupil is An Avil,
Nathalie Karg Gallery
Nathlie Provosty,
Nathalie Karg Gallery
Nathlie Provosty Green(ish) Hermeticism,
Nina Johnson

American artist Nathlie Provosty employs a variety of media but is best known for her work with oil on linen, at a variety of scales. Often working with monochromatic scales of color, Provosty creates compositions that can appear aesthetically simple but through an adroit, painterly application of pigment, contain depths of field that envelop the viewer. To enhance this effect, she often plays with the matte and glossy finishes of paint, adding an almost reflective quality that helps to draw the viewer into and across the works’ layers. Provosty is the recipient of numerous awards and residencies, including a Fulbright Fellowship to India for painting in 2004, and more recently, she was the recipient of the Rosenthal Family Foundation Award for Painting.