Nelli Palomäki
Finnish, born 1981
Selected exhibitions
Jackson Fine Art at The Photography Show 2018, presented by AIPAD,
Jackson Fine Art
Taik Persons at viennacontemporary 2015,
Taik Persons
Taik Persons at ARCO Madrid 2014,
Taik Persons

With her striking black-and-white portraits, photographer Nelli Palomäki uses the human gaze to establish piercing connections between subject and viewer. Palomäki is known for her images of children who stare intently at the camera, seeming both precocious and strangely omniscient, as in Julia at 5 (2010). Speaking of two girls she once photographed, Palomäki remarked, “I’m amused by their seriousness; at the same time there is something sacred about it.” Her photographic process is one of mutual revelation, exposing the humanity of subject and artist alike.