Nery Gabriel Lemus
American, born 1977
Nery Gabriel Lemus - A Place Called Home,
Charlie James Gallery
A Hero Ain't But A Sandwich,
Charlie James Gallery

Painter and installation and video artist Nery Gabriel Lemus examines the politics of difference and representation, probing issues of immigration and racial profiling with an emphasis on African-American and Latino communities in Lemus’s native Los Angeles. In Black is Brown and Brown is Beautiful, Lemus explores the tensions between these two communities, painting images of black and Latino men and women overlaid with commentary pointing to their prejudices. In 2010 he contributed to Project Row Houses in Houston, Texas, the objective of which is to engage with Houston’s Third Ward community by transforming shotgun-style houses into standalone installations. Lemus’s contribution, Until the Day Breaks and Shadows Flee (2010), was inspired by the images of domestic abuse in graphic novellas sold in newsstands in the Los Angeles neighborhood where he grew up; he created enlarged replicas …

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