Nick Bright
British, born 1968
Coates & Scarry
Coates & Scarry at Art Central 2015,
Coates & Scarry

Exploring the relationship between objects and their environment, Nick Bright photographs taxidermied animals and museum artifacts hidden in storage collections. Focusing on light, shadow, and composition, Bright posits objects as actors, his compositions functioning as partial narratives, with storage vaults and back room archives as stage sets. The result is an image that challenges established notions of space and exposes the previously unseen, both in regard to hidden rooms and the underlying lifelike energies of his subjects. Works like The Chaos of Memory no. 10 (2013) and The Chaos of Memory no. 71 (2013), for example, suggest taxidermied animals or sculptures that have come to life, allowing both the physical setting and Bright’s own cropped, photographic perspective to dictate how the surrounding space is perceived.

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