Nick Hornby
British, born 1980
Selected exhibitions
Frestonian Gallery
Royal Society of Sculptors Summer Exhibition,
Royal Society of Sculptors
Nick Hornby: Sculpture (1504-2013),
Churner and Churner

When experienced in the round, Nick Hornby’s multifaceted and optically illusive sculptures appear to change drastically in silhouette. Each piece is a composite of multiple iconic art historic images that reveal themselves only from certain perspectives. Hornby calls these “quotations”; he also says that his works attempt “to find that place between the raw and the cooked—to make each object appear to have its own rationale, but also be unstable enough to unfold and reveal its origins.” He begins each sculpture by selecting his referential images, which he then combines using an algorithm. The final pieces are made of a marble and resin composite, and cut by a company that specializes in sculpting the hulls of yachts.