Nick Theobald
American, born 1986

Favoring natural materials for their primal power, Nick Theobald works primarily with beeswax, dripping and layering the raw substance on canvas so that it assumes a corporeal and lustrous quality. Themes of devotion, submission, freedom, and internal energies are central to his work, as are notions of pluralistic existences. His “Honey from the Rock” series draws upon the Old Testament, wherein submission is rewarded with satisfaction. Theobald echoes this dynamic by surrendering control to his materials’ inherent qualities. In his “Born/Bound” series, he unstretches rejected paintings, melting their wax into the linen then sculpting and bounding the fabric with jute rope, creating works of art from the otherwise abandoned. Sumptuous details, such as gold foil at the end of a rope, serve as material validation for Theobald’s otherwise discarded artworks.