Nina Chanel Abney
American, born 1982
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
FOCUS: Nina Chanel Abney,
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Nina Chanel Abney: Seized the Imagination,
Jack Shainman Gallery
Young, Gifted and Black,
Goodman Gallery

Addressing pop culture and racial conflicts, Nina Chanel Abney paints scenes rooted in autobiography, current events, and traditional storytelling. Driven by a fascination with the perceived importance of celebrity news as compared to politics, she works in a pop-surrealist style, employing cartoonish figures and playful compositions to echo the perpetual stimulation of the digital age. Abney’s paintings present new ways of approaching loaded topics and generating discussion, allowing viewers to come to their own conclusions. In the “Always a Winner” series, which addresses the Black Lives Matter movement, police batons are phallic symbols and clown makeup suggests racial distinctions. The series reflects the absurdity and information overload of the internet era and questions the ways in which people are affected by abuses of power.

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