Nina Cho
Matter of Stuff at miart 2017,
Matter of Stuff
Innovative @ The Arts House, Singapore Design Week 2017,
Manfredi Style

Nina Cho’s design practice reflects her multicultural upbringing in Korea and the United States, bridging elements from the two countries. Cho’s furniture features simple geometric forms rendered in solid colors, often in the natural patina of metals. “I am practicing a strict rule in design: to create form by distilling it to its most essential structure and to its most basic function,” the Detroit-based designer has said. “By eliminating unnecessary factors and highlighting a singular material, I aim to simplify not only a form but fabrication process as well.” Although her work evokes American midcentury designs, Cho is inspired by the sense of emptiness and void that pervades much Korean art, particularly in movements such as Tansaekhwa.

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