Nina Katchadourian
American, born 1968
Selected exhibitions
Nina Katchadourian | "The Recarcassing Ceremony",
Catharine Clark Gallery
Anything for a Laugh: Humor in Contemporary Art,
Art+Culture Projects
Balls to the Wall,

Nina Katchadourian’s choice of materials and medium is often the byproduct of chance or self-imposed rules. Katchadourian says that she’s been “very fond of situations where things go slightly awry,” as well as those “where there are limits and boundaries to what’s possible and how you find your way around these obstacles.” Her portfolio, for example, includes the categories “uninvited collaborations with nature,” “language/translation,” and “confusing animals.” Possibly her most famous projects is “Sorted Books” (1993–), in which Katchadourian rearranges the contents of private and public bookshelves such that the books’ spines read as a consecutive statement. Other series have featured such idiosyncratic subjects as subway maps, mascots of common cleaning products, the sound of popping corn, car alarms, birdcalls, and items available on airplane flights.