Ningura Napurrula
Australian, born 1938
SmithDavidson Gallery at ZⓈONAMACO 2018,
SmithDavidson Gallery
Redot Fine Art Gallery at Art Stage Singapore 2015,
ReDot Fine Art Gallery

Ningura Napurrula has become one of the most prominent female painters of the contemporary generation of aboriginal Australian artists. She was part of the Kintore/Haasts Bluff women’s painting project in 1995, where she began to make her abstract paintings on canvas. Her signature motif is a black-and-white line pattern with occasional accents in bright colors; it carries a symbolic meaning derived from her ancestral mythology. In 2002, Napurrula’s growing national prominence was reaffirmed when her work was featured on an Australian postage stamp; her work is also featured on the ceiling in the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris.