Norbert Brunner
Austrian, born 1969
Selected exhibitions
Choose to Believe,
Claire Oliver
Claire Oliver at Dallas Art Fair 2013,
Claire Oliver
Claire Oliver at Art Miami 2013,
Claire Oliver

Norbert Brunner creates opulent, reflective works that confront viewers with messages of empowerment. His signature pieces are made from a combination of Plexiglas, mirrors, and Swarovski crystals; their surfaces are such that the viewer’s reflection is thrust into the composition, which to Brunner is the final realization of his creative process. Rendered in crystals, his titular phrases, like “anticipate greatness” and “visualize the extraordinary,” are illegible unless the viewer faces his works straight on; he sometimes heightens this sense of confrontation by including a giant pair of eyes in his pieces, as if watching for reaction. For Brunner, the multivalent inclusion of the viewer is an explicit statement on the inherent subjectivity of all art: “Everything seen, perceived, and experienced, all forms of art, culture, and politics are relative and depend only on the beholder’s …

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