Ohad Meromi
Israeli, born 1967
Selected exhibitions
NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial,
Museum of Arts and Design
The Ceiling Should Be Green,
The Working Day,
Nina Johnson

Ohad Meromi is fascinated with Modernism’s unfulfilled promise of social change. His room-size installations comprise objects, both found and manmade, that reference modern furniture, architecture, and art history. Working like a set designer, Meromi places his objects and constructions throughout the gallery in expectation of future activity and social interaction. The sense of anticipation is palpable but mysterious, leading viewers to wonder what is going to unfold. “How does one create a stage? Architecturally speaking, is it the divide between performers and audience? Would it be enough to point a camera and say ‘Action?,’” Meromi has written. “I’m thinking about what it signifies to designate a space for a type of ritualistic activity, and what that designation enables us to do.”