Olcay Kus
Turkish, born 1985
Selected exhibitions
art ON Istanbul at Contemporary Istanbul 2016,
art ON Istanbul
art ON Istanbul at Contemporary Istanbul 2014,
art ON Istanbul
“Game Center” by Olcay Kus,
art ON Istanbul

Olcay Kus transforms his canvases into urban walls, applying combinations of found paper, glue, and acrylic paint to them, and creating the appearance of wear and tear. “My works are the reflection of street walls, which I believe have a sociological and anthropological importance,” he has said. “Every day a bulk of posters and flyers are posted and torn apart. All that graffiti and notes…the repetitive nature of this cycle creates impressive visuals on the walls.” Kus uses his work to address subject matter that cannot be fully fleshed out on the street because of time constraints and the possibility of arrest. His compositions depict military and police vehicles, poverty, violence, political corruption, and other experiences that are at the center of contemporary life.

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