Pamela Anderson

Mining the pain and pleasures of her own life, Pamela Anderson produces delicate drawings, paintings, collages, and installations that are both autobiographical and universal. Her work is about life, as she describes: “My intention is not to wallow in sadness and confusion, more to reiterate that joy does not occur without its opposite; that in identifying and then packaging such pain into abstract narrative, therein is the beauty of life not only found, but held still. Life goes on, but these pieces I hope remind us, not without a cost.” Loss—of health, loved ones, and time—underpins her work, in which she transforms sentiment into formalism. In Bad Boob, for example, Anderson represents her breast cancer in a candid collage, including the crimson tip of a baby bottle nipple, set next to a tumorous, inky, black-and-white splotch.

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