Paul Landacre
American, 1893-1963
Collected by major museums
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields
Selected exhibitions
Catherine E. Burns Fine Prints at IFPDA Print Fair 2017,
Catherine E. Burns Fine Prints
The Nude in Print,
Childs Gallery
Catherine E. Burns Fine Prints at IFPDA Print Fair 2014,
Catherine E. Burns Fine Prints

Paul Landacre began his career as an artist when a life-threatening illness during his sophomore year at Ohio State University left the previously athletic student with a permanent physical handicap. Newly sedentary, Landacre enrolled in drawing classes and upon graduation, relocated to California in pursuit of a better recovery. On long walks through nature to rebuild his strength, Landacre brought his sketchbook and consequently began to develop his oeuvre. Although he began with illustration, Landacre eventually became known for his wood engraving, a skill he learned at Otis Art Institute and refined through trial and error (each print taking years and using a hand press in his home.) With a desire to use the medium expressively rather than as a resource for duplication, Landacre produced stylized prints with strong textures, rhythmic linework, and highly contrasted blacks and whites.

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