Paul Lee
British, born 1974
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Modern Art at Art Basel 2018,
Modern Art
Modern Art at EXPO CHICAGO 2018,
Modern Art
On The Beach In The Dark,

Paul Lee’s works are experiments that draw from painting, collage, and sculpture. His raw materials are an array of found objects and images—including beer cans, articles of clothing, light bulbs, bath towels, rocks, and faces from vintage magazines—which he then cuts up, paints over, or reassembles. He works with a single motif in exhaustive variation. In one series “Untitled (Can Sculpture)” (2007), all of the works have in common a soda can with a photocopy of a young man’s face in the place of the label, sourced from a 1970s nudist magazine. In these and several other works, the images sometimes carry connotations of sexual intimacy, frequently referencing underlying themes of desire and fixation.