Paul Milet
Selected exhibitions
Behind the Curtain: Treasures from the Vault,
Jason Jacques Gallery
Jason Jacques Inc. at TEFAF Maastricht 2015,
Jason Jacques Gallery
George Hoentschel: Stoneware Love Affair,
Jason Jacques Gallery

If anyone could be said to have ceramics in his blood, it is Paul Milet, son of Optat Milet, who was himself the son and grandson of a potter. Paul Milet entered his father's pottery workshop in the town of Sèvres in 1894 and for the next 36 years produced high-quality ceramics sold through Parisian shops and decorators. Because his aesthetic preferences kept pace with the fashions of the era, his early work favors the floral and whiplash ornamentation associated with the Art Nouveau era, while his later work is serene, simple, and glazed in high-contrast jazz-age colors. [Source: Jason Jacques]