Paulo Nenflidio
Brazilian, born 1976
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Pesos e Medidas | Paulo Nenflidio,
Baró Galeria
4,33 metros,
Baró Galeria
Paulo Nenflidio: Escuta,
A Gentil Carioca

Brazilian sound artist Paulo Nenflidio creates sculptures that blur the boundaries between visual art, music, and technology. Combining his knowledge of electronics and construction, Nenflidio creates autonomous “gadgets” that are responsive to a variety of stimuli from wind or light to viewer participation. These sound sculptures investigate the dichotomies that arise between fine art and technology, as well as high and mass culture. Nenflidio’s work includes Música Dos Ventos (2003), a solar-powered musical pinwheel, and Oráculo (Oracle) (2007), an interactive machine that answers questions about the future.

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