Peder Moos
Danish, 1906-1991
Selected exhibitions
Modernity at TEFAF New York Spring 2018,
Modernity at The Salon Art + Design 2016,
Modernity at Collective Design,

Although Danish architect, designer, and furniture maker Peder Moos only produced 30-40 works in his lifetime, each piece was a unique masterpiece of craftsmanship and design, earning him international acclaim. The son of a farmer, Moos went on to work as a carpenter’s apprentice before training as an architect and opening his own workshop. A master cabinetmaker, Moos was known for his dedication to perfection and attention to minute details; he built each work himself and hand selected every piece of wood. Although each piece was made to order, Moos only drew his designs after the work was complete. He avoided varnish, nails, and screws and instead sanded his pieces to a fine finish, joining them with darkened dowels and wedges and producing a decorative contrast likened to marquetry.