Per Dybvig
Norwegian, born 1964
Selected exhibitions
PER DYBVIG | Evig din,
Christine König Galerie
Wären Fluss und Meere Tinte...,
Christine König Galerie
PER DYBVIG | outdrunk from neighbourhood, dead hare surrounded,
Christine König Galerie

In his frenetic, jumbled drawings, Per Dybvig captures and conveys the constant stream of information and fleeting visual impressions that come from television, radio, the Internet, and everyday urban life. Snatches of text, cartoonish figures, fragments of objects, and dotted lines are among the marks and images that crowd his works, overlapping in seemingly meaningful ways. Dybvig works impressionistically, and often frantically, seeking to mimic the experience of being barraged by sights and sounds, without trying to tame it with an orderly visual logic.