Peter Bagge
American, born 1957

Peter Bagge is a leading comic book artist with a formidable and growing number of publications under his belt. A pioneer of the “Alternative” comics movement of the 1970s and ’80s, Bagge also served as a managing editor of R. Crumb’s legendary magazine Weirdo. In the mid-’80s, he launched Neat Stuff (1985-90), the first of his many independent comic book series. By tapping into his own experiences—of humiliation, love, and teenage angst—and universalizing them, Bagge effectively conveys the struggle of being human through humor. As he explains: “I always liked to touch on some personal, uncomfortable subjects in my comics, but I also liked to draw them in this exaggerated, somewhat moronic-looking […] style—so that what you see isn’t necessarily what you get. It’s like a clash between shallow and deep, smart and stupid.”

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