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Peter Sculthorpe is known for his masterfully detailed watercolors and richly painted oils on canvas as well as hand-tinted etchings and monotypes. In over 30 years, he has become recognized for his extraordinary talent as a realist painter. Admired for his skillful drawing and watercolor technique in depicting the rural landscape, his reputation has been spreading across America. His landscapes have a curious warmth to them, a pervasive quality of light, a range of gentle colors, and a timeless peaceful mood.

Living most of his life in Chester County, Pennsylvania and Delaware along the Brandywine Valley, Sculthorpe has returned to his favorite subject matter. Drawing from his personal images of rural Pennsylvania with its stone architecture and surrounding farm life, Sculthorpe once again constructs his vision of the life he remembers and loves. He paints the landscape in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maine and Canada. Sculthorpe carefully creates his paintings in both oil and watercolor. Sometimes his subject is devoid of life and simply depicts the beauty and stillness of a winter or summer day. Other times, he shows us the humor and character of the Belted Galloways, burros, and other domestic animals that inhabit his environments.

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