Piper Brett
American, born 1974
Corey Oberlander + Lindsey Stapleton at SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2016,
Corey Oberlander + Lindsey Stapleton

Piper Brett injects lighthearted, humorous emotion into her Minimalist- and Pop-inspired sculptures. Though channeling these artistic movements, Brett strays from the course in a drastic way—she creates contemporary Pop art that evokes a narrative, and her minimalist sculptures, though in line with the mechanical attributes of her 20th-century forebears, are produced entirely by her own hands (Brett studied glass and sculpture in college and employs her skills to build her own work). Brett combines fabricated objects with found materials to explore various human emotions. She makes reference to popular culture and vanity, targeting herself first in My First Name (in lights) (2012), where her name appears illuminated with vanity bulbs—a nod to the neons of her contemporary, Tracy Emin. In Big Bow (2009), a gift bow of Jeff Koons proportions commands attention in shiny red steel.