Polixeni Papapetrou
Australian , born 1960

The otherworldly is always present in the photographs of Polixeni Papapetrou. The Australian artist first turned to her medium after discovering the work of Diane Arbus, and likewise her early images explore the fringes of society, and the way that people—bodybuilders, Elvis impersonators, and drag queens channeling Marilyn Monroe—transform their bodies into their desired self-image. In more recent works, Papapetrou has explored a different kind of artifice, juxtaposing Old Masters portraits with modern figures in designer branded T-shirts, or dressing models up in masks and costumes to populate a surreal, fantasy worlds that imitate childhood dreams. Like her carefully envisioned figures, landscape too can play an important role, whether exaggeratedly artificial or real, as in the case of a series that told the tales of children missing in the Australian wilderness.

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