Przemek Pyszczek
Polish-Canadian, born 1985
Selected exhibitions
Rags on Buildings,
Tatjana Pieters
Office Baroque
Muscle Memory: Donna Huanca & Przemek Pyszczek,
Peres Projects

Przemek Pyszczek draws upon his training in architecture and his personal history for his cerebral, understated sculptures, installations, and paintings. Born in Poland, he moved to Canada with his family, only returning to his birthplace a handful of times while growing up. The feelings of displacement and connection that these visits evoked in him shaped his outlook and approach to art. He now visits Poland regularly, where he studies and photographs the Soviet-era housing blocks that inform much of his work. He describes these structures as “part of my personal history and part of my memory, but also part of the fabric of history.” In one of his series, Pyszczek transformed their decorated facades into paintings, featuring fragments of their colorful, graphic designs overlaid with the patterned metal grating typically found on balconies and over windows.