Rachel Hulin
American, born 1978

Keenly attuned to the beauty in the everyday, Rachel Hulin shoots close to her home and her heart, producing light-saturated photographs of her family, friends, and surroundings. As she explains: “I generally try to shoot what I know […] places and people that I’m very familiar with.” Hulin’s familiarity with her subjects—including her own son, domestic interiors, and a cheery breakfast table—is evident in the intimacy of her images, which form a textured portrait of her life through its closely observed details. Her study of art history, and her work as a commercial photographer and photo editor, inform the precision of her compositions and her exquisite attention to light, color, and tone. Among her recent works is Flying Henry (2013), a children’s book featuring photomontages of her son shown on a “flying” adventure at home and beyond.