Rachel Lee Hovnanian
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
The Women's Trilogy Project, Part I: (THE RAY LEE PROJECT VOL. 1): NDD IMMERSION ROOM,
Leila Heller Gallery
The Women's Trilogy Project, Part II: Happy Hour,
Leila Heller Gallery
The Women's Trilogy Project, Part III: PURE,
Leila Heller Gallery

In a wide range of mediums—including photography, sculpture, installation, conceptual work, and performance—Rachel Lee Hovnanian explores themes of narcissism and its relationship to media, technology, and gender roles in society. Hovnanian is particularly concerned with the darker aspects of society’s obsession with female beauty and the anxiety it engenders in women about their appearance—armies of idealized white female figurines inhabit Hovnanian’s photography with disturbing homogeneity. In Beauty Queen Vending Machine (2009), which is modeled after an arcade game, viewers are invited to use the mechanized metal claw to pick out a small silver figurine of a female model, but quickly find that it is impossible to grasp. The image of the narcissus flower also recurs in Hovnanian’s work, suggesting the mythologies surrounding beauty and offering a counterpoint to the conventional …

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