American , born 1969

Raindance was a media art collective founded in 1969 by Frank Gillette, Paul Ryan, Michael Shamberg, and Ira Schneider. The name makes reference to the RAND Corporation, a global policy think tank, and what the members called “Cultural R & D” (research & development). Raindance, a self-proclaimed “countercultural think tank”, aimed to demonstrate radical philosophies of video as an alternative form of cultural communication, and as a means for social change. It was inspired largely by the theoretical writings of Marshall McLuhan and Buckminster Fuller. In its lifetime, Raindance produced tapes, writings, and a seminal video-art journal called Radical Software, all furthering their idea of “Guerilla television”—a counter to mainstream broadcast. The group disbanded in the mid-1970s, though their nonprofit the Raindance Foundation continued to exist into the 1990s.

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