Randall Exon
American, born 1956
Randall Exon: New Paintings,
Hirschl & Adler Modern

Randall Exon’s landscape paintings blend childhood nostalgia with a mystical exploration of the rapidly disappearing American countryside. Drawing on memories, dreams, and various image sources, his paintings are often fictions meant to be more evocative than realistic or accurate. Exon uses muted, tonal oil colors for dreamy effect, often integrating figure and landscape, and cites Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper as some of his major influences. “I’ve always looked up to those artists who do incredible things with figures, putting them in space in such a way that I don’t see how they could have relied on models,” he says. “They had to paint out of their heads—to build up a figure in a pose in the same way an architect might build a design for a house.”

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